On the International Women’s Day, the Russian pressure group "Pro feminism" made public the results of the open Internet-voting on the Sexist of the year award. Since 2010, the award is given to individual and corporate authors of the most offensive sexist statements. This year’s winners were announced during the meeting organized by women’s rights activists and brutally suppressed by the police.


The first prize in the individual nomination was offered to German Sterligov for his hate speech against the law on gender equality, in particular, for claiming that a woman wearing a “modest” long skirt is “genetically impossible” to be raped, and referring to women fighting for equal rights as “elderly repulsive filth”.


The winner in the nomination «Women against women” was Irina Medvedeva. She opposed the law on domestic violence on the ground that this law would be used for persecuting “innocent” offenders who were “provoked” by their victims, and parents, who, according to Medvedeva, have the right to use physical violence against their children.


The award for the misogenic policy was earned by the Kazan state IT-lyceum for refusing to admit any girl, however high her performance on entrance examinations, openly stating the sex as the only reason. This fact was so outrageous that the Tatarstan regional prosecutor’s office had no choice but to officially recognize the fact of gender discrimination.


The nomination “Sexism in the media” this year was won by Platon Besedin for his article “Are Children Flowers of Evil? Ho to persuade Citizens to Give Birth”. The author placed the responsibility for the allegedly unsatisfactory demographic situation in the country solely on “modern girls” who, according to him, prefer to plan their lives rationally instead of relying ion divine help in childrearing.


The award for “Sexism in advertising” was given to the training center “Orangery” for the advertisement of oral sex training. The center tried to attract clients by claiming that since times immemorial women reached their goals by humiliating themselves before men, instead of directly claiming their own.


Comparison of “Sexist of the year-2012” with the previous winners points out that sexism in Russia has not become less blatant, omnipresent and outrageous. According to many comments left by voters in different nominations, “they are all so horrible that it is hard to decide who is the worst”.